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A riveting romp through Central Florida, Naked Alliances air-drops you into the seedier side of Orlando that the amusement park industry tries to keep under wraps... Check out what readers are saying right down there. ↓

Reviews & Endorsements

  • Testimonial

    “Richard Noggin and his trusty sidekick, expose the bare truth about a ten-year-old murder and get to the bottom of an ugly human trafficking scheme. With tight prose and a cast of unforgettable characters, Naked Alliances doesn’t let up until you’ve seen it all!”

    - ~ Tim Baker, author of Eyewitness Blues

  • Testimonial

    “I picked up a copy of Naked Alliances wanting a change of pace and I thought it fit nicely since I hardly ever read crime novels. I wanted something close to me that I could relate with and since this takes place in Orlando Florida, my home town, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. With a very accurately written story that delivers a variety of emotion and very well developed characters in the form of Richard and Brandi you’re sure to enjoy this murder mystery.”

    - Amazon Customer

  • Testimonial

    “A potential new case could give Richard Noggin P.I. the edge he needs to get his struggling investigation business into the big leagues. Before he can get the details on his new assignment, a murder case colder than a deep freeze, he gets sucked into a situation involving two women of the night from Orange Blossom Trail in the red light district. Since becoming hopelessly involved with these lovely ladies his calm existence as a gumshoe solving marital conflicts and fraud quickly unravels… “

    - John H.

  • Testimonial


    “Gritty, heart pounding and wickedly amusing!”


    - ~ Ionia Froment, Top Amazon Reviewer

  • Testimonial

    Naked Alliances offers a rollicking good time, a dose of evil, a murder to solve, and characters you want to get to know better.  All in a well-written package that begs for more stories to come.” 

    - ~ Mark Paxson, author of One Night in Bridgeport

  • Testimonial

    “Interesting settings, believable characters, and a wonderful plot earns this one five stars from me.” 

    - ~ C.S. Boyack, author of Will O’ the Wisp

  • Testimonial

    “Awesome book based on the crazy city of Orlando. Definitely check this out!”

    - Amazon Customer

  • Testimonial

    “When you pick up an independently published novel to read, you never know what you are going to get. I have tried to read a few that were so amateurish that I couldn’t finish them. I’m very happy to report that Naked Alliances is one of the best independent books I’ve ever read. It was funny in parts, gripping in other parts, and overall very entertaining. I will be looking forward to another Richard Noggin adventure…”

    - Dan H.

  • Testimonial

    “Part Carl Hiaasen, part Elmore Leonard, Naked Alliances takes the reader on a humorous but serious ride through the seedy underbelly of Orlando. Richard, a likable private investigator, teams up with a transgender showgirl, Brandi. Not only does Brandi make for a refreshing and original protagonist, her military background enriches the story, making her a capable sleuth in her own right. Throw in the setting of a nudist resort along with some alternative sexual lifestyles, and you’ve got a unique and page-turning read. I thoroughly enjoyed this ride and fans of original murder mysteries will too.”

    - Carrie

  • Testimonial
    “Characters are well developed and the pace flows nicely through the entire book. I knew nothing about the nudist resort scene being from the great white north, but feel well versed in it now. The story begins with a 10 year old murder cold case that is intertwined with an illegal sex-slave-immigrant ring. Our private eye Richard Noggin and his unlikely partner, Brandi work well together and offer great action and a few laughs along the way. I’m anxiously awaiting the next book.”

    - Billy

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